I always read my reviews–Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, blogs, etc. All of ’em. I’ll admit, I used to read them a bit warily. But these days, I look forward to them. I always learn from them–they teach me so much about my own work. And recently, they’ve really started giving me a great deal of confidence to try new storytelling techniques.

Art of the Kiss final

THE ART OF THE KISS does a bit of time-jumping and contains multiple POVs, including an omniscient narrator. With a photographer as one of the main characters, I often say the book is told in “snapshots.”

A recent review from THE LAKELAND TIMES calls THE ART OF THE KISS “a uniquely crafted and relayed story of two people and the testament of love.” And goes on to describe the book:

Schindler’s storytelling in “The Art of the Kiss” is slowly and carefully built, brick by brick and memory by memory until it creates a life as a whole. It examines life at its core, relationships at their best and often their worst, tugging at heartstrings and giving way to deep thoughts of the new, the old and the now. Ultimately, it is a modern fairy tale retold for the modern age. A story of the passage of time, the changes that inevitably come with age and the beauty of youth. 

It is a particular way of novel-building — an omniscient narrator who sets a scene and issues the story bit by bit. Michael and Sharon are well-drawn and in-depth, likable yet real to life. The reader sees each side from all angles, giving the story a different twist. It is conversations and thoughts, ideas and memories, much like journal entries or diary notations. Pieces from postcards or greeting cards.

With its small town setting, likable characters and lovely narrative, “The Art of the Kiss” is both nostalgic and artistic, a perfect read for the summer that takes a beach read a step above and beyond.

You can read the review in its entirety here.

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