Smack Dab in the Middle – A Blog for All Things MG

I’ll get back to the series on outlining your book next week. For now, I wanted to highlight my MG blog, Smack Dab in the Middle.

I’ve been the administrator of the blog for years–since The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky was in development (and that book released in ’14)! To begin with, the site was a group of MG authors blogging about our work and the writing life. Bloggers have come and gone over the years; recently, we’ve been adding teachers, librarians, and even an aspiring (rather than already-published) writer. In one case, we’ve got three generations of the same family blogging at the site, all writers and teachers. The love of literature runs deep, as many of us know–often, it’s in our roots!

Please do head on over to Smack Dab and get involved in the discussion. The aim is to hear from MG nuts who have a wide variety of points of view–I’d love to hear yours as well!

PS: If you are a teacher, librarian, or an author yourself–especially one who is about to see the release of a book–please do get in touch: hollyschindlerbooks (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ve still got some open spots left!

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