Alternate Sites for Indie (Self) Published Books

Self-published authors can get so wrapped up in the usual players (Amazon) that we often overlook some other opportunities. I recently updated my listings at a couple of alternate sites:


Several of my paperback indie-pubbed books are listed over at Etsy, and they’re all personalized. You can tell me at checkout how you’d like it inscribed / who to make the book out to. I’ve sold a handful of picture books at Etsy, and have loved the direct interaction with readers.


I’ve also listed a few titles over at Payhip, where you can buy e-books directly from me (Payhip is really just the delivery service). Playing Hurt and Play It Again are both at Payhip; at the back of Playing Hurt, you’ll receive a code for 25% off Play It Again. You can choose which type of file you need for your ereader. My Bookfunnel account is also linked to my Payhip store, so you have the option of downloading from either Payhip or Bookfunnel (I use Bookfunnel for distributing ARCs, so I thought many of my readers would be more comfortable downloading from a familiar site.)

Again, there’s just something about being able to sell directly to readers. And buy directly from writers! Now that I’m at Payhip as a writer, I must admit, I enjoy being able to purchase ebooks this way.

Hope to see you at my stores. And if you try using either service as a writer yourself, I’d love to hear about it! You can get in touch here in the comments or (as always) hollyschindlerbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

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