Gus the Epileptic Pekingese (Life’s Greatest Blessings)

This is Gus. Seen here on his favorite deck chair, which comes complete with a lookout hole:

Gus is not the easiest pet I’ve owned. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere online, but he has idiopathic epilepsy. We had to start medication in August, following a severe seizure that became an emergency rush to the vet.

He is, though, the friendliest pet I’ve ever had. I know far more of my neighbors than I did a couple of years ago. He’s made the roughest parts of the pandemic far more manageable. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on life; in many ways, I feel like I’m more a part of life than I ever was before.

Maybe we always do wind up learning more–about love and acceptance and commitment–from the harder four-legged companions. And maybe, in the end, what they show us is that “hard” is actually relative, that love isn’t love without a little risk, and that sometimes, life’s greatest blessings come in the most unlikely little packages.

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