What To Do After Finishing A Novel

Okay, here it is–the best writing advice you’ll receive.

You’ve finished a novel! Now what?


That sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not. So often, as soon as we finished a book, we immediately turn to the next step. We immediately want to start submitting. We want to paper the publishing world with pitches.

Don’t do that. Don’t jump straight into the land of rejection (and there’s always a ton of rejection–there’s no way around it). Don’t immediately subject yourself to criticism.

You finished a book. That’s huge. Reward yourself. Do something that allows you to breathe deep and enjoy what just happened.

I recently finished an MG, and enrolled myself in an art course.

The reward shouldn’t come when you sell the book. It should come when you finish it.

Trust me on this.

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