Calling All YA Authors

My YA authors’ blog, YAOTL, has been going strong for the past ten years. But it was time for a bit of a dust-off and update. Same address, new look:

I’d love, love, love to get more guest posts or tour posts from YA authors (or editors, etc.) at the site. The more voices, the better.

Got a book coming out soon? Heck, got a book that released some time ago that you’d like to get more eyeballs? Hit me up here or at yaoutsidethelines (at) yahoo (dot) com.

MG Blog Partnership – Willard Middle

At my MG group blog, Smack Dab in the Middle, we decided to try partnering with schools to reflect on their own monthly (or semesterly, etc.) theme, blogging about how the theme shows up in our own lives and work. In February, (the first month of partnering!) we reflected on the yearly theme at Willard Middle School in Aldie, VA: At WMS, they’re Wild Cats, so they show their CLAWS. Character, Leadership, Attitude, Work Ethic and Service. Suggested by Laura Hoyler, 6th grade instructor.

I had such a fantastic time reading the posts and reflecting on this theme. We’ve got writers, librarians, teachers, and students at Smack Dab, so everyone had a different take. I’m so glad Laura got in touch to suggest it! You can view the full month of posts here.

Does your school incorporate themes? I’d love to hear from you and potentially partner with you as well! Hit me up at hollyschindlerbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.