New Release (& New Series!): Ruby’s Story

I wrapped my Ruby’s Place Christmas Collection last year. But it wasn’t long after publishing it that I already missed it.

I started thinking more and more about Ruby herself: How did she come to Sullivan? What’s her backstory? Who is she really? There were just so many questions that hadn’t yet been answered.

All those questions became a book (and a new series)!

Ruby’s Story opens on a Christmas Eve, as Ruby finds herself at the end of her dance career. On a whim, she heads back to her girlhood hometown. Once in Sullivan, Ruby relives her past and the love she lost there. Will memory drive her to make a leap of faith, changing the course of her life, and that of the entire town of Sullivan forever?

Ruby’s Story is a prequel to the Ruby’s Place Christmas Collection, but I’m also planning for this to be the first in a new series: Ruby’s Regulars. Each new installment will focus on another Sullivanite, and how they became one of Ruby’s tried-and-trues. In fact, Ruby’s Story also focuses on Ruby’s very first regular (but you’ll just have to snag yourself a copy to find out who it is).

The book’s available in print and e-form. (Well, it’s available in print via Amazon; I distribute the wide-release print through Ingram, and they’ve already warned that the end of the year’s gonna be a slow one. So paperbacks at B&N etc. are forthcoming; it’ll just take a while to go live.)

In the meantime, I’m so delighted to share this new book–and thrilled to continue on with Ruby’s Place tales!





New Humor Release: Funny You Should Mention That

This one was just a blast to put together: short, and fun. I chuckled through writing it, and I hope you chuckle through reading it.

The book is live at all the usual channels:





To celebrate, I’ve set my first collection of funny shorts to free.





I hope you love reading these as much as I loved writing them!

It’s Live! Playing Hurt: Revised and Updated

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A special place in my heart…

As many of you already know, I’m a hybrid author (meaning that in addition to publishing my own work on the indie platform, I’m also published by traditional publishing houses). Playing Hurt was actually the second book I ever released; the novel received some really nice trade reviews and counted fellow authors Miranda Kenneally and Jennifer Armentrout among its initial fans.

As it often goes in the world of publishing, the rights to Playing Hurt have reverted back to me, which means I’m now getting a chance to re-release this book, which has always had a special place in my heart—with a new cover as well as new, never-before-read scenes! I’m also releasing the book as a contemporary / new adult sports romance, rather than a YA, which is how the book was originally categorized. The main characters’ ages (18 and 19) and the heat level of the book make it better suited for a slightly older audience.

I hope you’ll come back to Lake of the Woods with me, and experience that fiery first love all over again:

It’s hard to get back in the game—of life or love—when you’re still playing hurt.

Once, she was a small-town celebrity. One of the most talented high school basketball players her hometown had ever seen. Bound for something far bigger beyond the city limits of Fair Grove, Missouri. But Chelsea’s world changed when an accident on the court ended her days as an athlete. She struggles with the idea of no longer being a star—and has no real idea what life might hold for her next.

Once, he was a small-town celebrity. One of the most talented hockey players his hometown had ever seen. Bound for something far bigger beyond the city limits of Baudette, Minnesota. When an unexpected tragedy took his head out of the game, Clint was forced to hang up his skates. He swore he’d never put himself in a position to be hurt again, building walls around his heart.

When their paths cross one summer at a Minnesota lake resort, Chelsea and Clint are immediately drawn to one another. But wounds of the heart cut the deepest, and take the longest to heal. Will an unexpected romance end up causing Chelsea and Clint more pain—or finally heal their heartbreak?

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I’m thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of a revised, updated edition of my sports romance Playing Hurt.

Yep, revised and updated. The book even has several brand-new scenes. It’s truly been a delight to work on. I’m in the proofreading stages now.

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Of course, we also have a new cover:

Playing Hurt Cover Final