A Superhero Back to School Special!


Happy New Year!

Fall always feels like the start of a new year to me. The air smells like freshly-sharpened pencils, and it buzzes with the excitement of new beginnings.

To celebrate, you can snag my superhero ebooks for $0.99!


A guide to get students excited about writing + a fun new superhero whose “power” will set a great tone for the classroom.

The INVENT YOUR OWN SUPERHERO journal offers kids a chance to get their creative juices flowing–to come up with their own superhero and begin to understand what makes a great can’t-put-it-down story. Conflict, rising action, backstory, motivation, supporting characters are all elements addressed in INVENT YOUR OWN SUPERHERO. (Another benefit of learning to be a great writer means you’re an even better reader! You can see what an author’s doing within a text when you understand the basics character and story construction.)

Super Susan is a character I invented when I was about eight or nine–I even incorporated my original artwork into the cover. (Susan was colored in crayon, and has glue-and-glitter letters and yarn braids.) I discovered her in some of my archives, and thought her power (super kindness!) was just really timely. The story is also short, making it a great classroom read-aloud.

THE ADVENTURES OF SUPER SUSAN recently got a nice write-up as a new release in the Petersburg Library. You can read it here.

Purchase links:



Using the Superhero journal? Feel free to use this short trailer in your classrooms to get your kids excited about writing their own superhero story. And feel free to get in touch for a Skype: click the black square in the upper right corner of the site for the contact page.

May this be the best year yet!


51dhmvjqm1l-_sy346_First, I have to thank you guys for grabbing copies of MILES LEFT YET. I originally released the book in ’16, and it’s always been one of my faves, but it just never managed to get in the hands of as many readers as I’d hoped. A new cover, a little advertising, and voila! It’s finally starting to get out in the world. In the last month, I moved triple the entire lifetime sales of the book.

But ads alone don’t give a book legs. I know this book is starting to move because of word-of-mouth with my readers. So I have to take a moment to thank anyone who has personally recommended the read.


A New Request

If you enjoyed MILES LEFT YET, I do hope you’ll take a moment to leave a review on Amazon. Just a sentence or two helps tremendously. Right now, the book’s reviews on Amazon remain fairly low. Upping the number of reviews will help me expand into a new round of advertising, getting the book into the hands of new readers, who can work their magic again with word-of-mouth.

I can’t emphasize enough how much authors appreciate reviews…

Like Norma? Keep reading!

Haunted creek

If you liked Norma (who emerges, I think, as the real star of MILES LEFT YET), please do check out FOREVER FINLEY. This one centers on the mystical small town of Finley, the town the Norma drives into at the end of MILES. FOREVER FINLEY is an “episodic novel,” meaning that it’s constructed of loosely connected, stand-alone stories. Each story works together to culminate to the book’s magical conclusion. A new cast of characters is introduced in FOREVER FINLEY, but Norma makes an appearance fairly early on (you’ll find her in the stories titled “Dearest March…” and “A Hundred Julys”).


I’ve also done a little repackaging of FOREVER FINLEY–new cover, etc.–and to celebrate, I’ve reduced the price of the e-book to $1.99 temporarily. It’s available as a wide release at:





I’ve also got a few signed paperback editions of FOREVER FINLEY at my Etsy store!

I hope you’ll decide to spend some time in the town of Finley. It’s become one of my own favorite places to visit.


Well, it’s the easiest way I’ve ever found, anyway. I type each chapter to look as I’d like it to as I write the manuscript. Then, when I compile, I basically uncheck everything that’s pre-checked by the program, telling it to simply format according to the way each chapter already appears.

Clear as mud? Here it is step-by-step:

  1. Make sure your chapters are all typed up the way you’d like them to look. Simpler’s generally better for e-books. (Here, I’ve simply bolded the chapter number, and made the first line of the chapter flush left.) Also, I arrange all my chapters in the binder as far left as they’ll go.


2. Open the compile dialogue box, and make sure to click all the chapters you want to include under “Contents.”

2 (Contents)

3.  Under “Separators,” choose “Page Break” for each option.


4. Under “Formatting,” Uncheck all the “Title” options and check “Text.”

4 new2

5. Unclick “Override text and notes formatting.”


6. Unclick everything under “Options.”

6 new

7. Click “Level 1+,” then set “Page Padding” down to 0 lines and under “Section Layout,” delete all the Chapter information.


8. Repeat Step #7 for all Levels.

8 repeat for all levels

9. Unclick everything under “Transformations.”

9 new

10. In the “Compile” dialogue, add your cover.

10 add your cover

11.  Also in the Compile dialogue, fill out the Meta Data.

10 fill out your metadata

Make sure you’ve chosen the right type of file to compile into (.mobi, .epub), then click “Compile” at the bottom of the dialogue box.