My picture book HOW BIG IS A HEART? is all about the arrival of a new baby and one little boy’s feelings about being the big brother.


The book really does make a great gift should you find yourself invited to a baby shower for a family where a soon-to-be big sibling (full, half, or step) is involved. You can give a copy to the soon-to-be big sibling, helping to make sure they aren’t feeling left out or overlooked.

But thinking about baby showers made me realize it could really become a family affair. So I added a few items to my CafePress store–tote / diaper bags for Mom featuring a HOW BIG IS A HEART?-inspired graphic as well as a few sweet “Put me in your heart” items (onesies, shirts, etc.) for the soon-to-be little sibling. Because that’s exactly what you want older siblings to do–make space for their little sister or brother in their hearts…



I’ve been working on expanding the offerings in my CafePress store, Holly Schindler Off the Page.

Well. Expanding and doing a bit of modeling. 😉

Quotes from my work –

I started with one of the most referenced quotes from my PLAYING HURT series. (“The heart is a compass…”) Here I am in a T-shirt featuring the quote:


Inspirational products for writers, teachers, grammar nuts –

DSC00337.JPGThis is my not-so-secret favorite of my new products: An I-am-going-to-turn-someday-into-today declaration that puts punctuation center-stage! (And, in this case, it’s on a coffee mug, so that’s an extra bonus.)




Whatever you do, make sure you shine!

If ever there was a single word to live by, it’s this one. It’s become something of a motto shared by teachers and young readers, as well.

Got an idea for a product you’d like to see at the store? Give me a shout: hollyschindlerbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.


You’ve decided to do it–you’re taking that daunting first step! You’ve decided to tackle that elusive goal, the thing you’ve been putting off for another day. You’re going to write your novel, go back to school, brave open mic night, train for a marathon, learn to speak a second language. Whatever it is, you’ve officially taken the first step–and now you need something to celebrate turning your “someday” (…) into “right now” (!)

That’s why I put together these products in my Cafe Press storeNothing feels better than finally taking a first step. First steps need to be recognized–they’re the most important steps you’ll ever take!