Beat the Summer Slump with a Free Read

It’s been a rough week at the Schindler house. My dog Gus has a seizure disorder, and he had a terrible seizure earlier this week. We had to rush him to the vet for an emergency visit. He’s on a new medication and seems to be doing better. We’ll be seeing our vet again for a recheck next week.

There’s really nothing like an unexpected health catastrophe to completely take over your every thought. I spent most of the past week watching over my little guy.

I was just getting back to work, Gus at my side on the couch, when it occurred to me that we’ve hit the really slumpy part of the summer. It’s miserably hot, nerves are settling in about the new year, questions are raging about what the pandemic will make the next year look like, etc., etc.

So I wanted to offer a little something fun: A free short story for the kids.

WORDQUAKE is so short, it makes a great read-aloud. If your young reader needs a quick listening exercise, you can be the reader. If they need to work on their own reading skills, you can let them read to you. They can even read out loud to their own dog. (Gus often listens to my first drafts!)

It’s also a great story for young readers to review. Please do get them to write a line or two and post it as a review on your e-retailer account. I would love to hear what your reader thinks of it:

WORDQUAKE is available at all major e-retailers:





MG Blog Partnership – Willard Middle

At my MG group blog, Smack Dab in the Middle, we decided to try partnering with schools to reflect on their own monthly (or semesterly, etc.) theme, blogging about how the theme shows up in our own lives and work. In February, (the first month of partnering!) we reflected on the yearly theme at Willard Middle School in Aldie, VA: At WMS, they’re Wild Cats, so they show their CLAWS. Character, Leadership, Attitude, Work Ethic and Service. Suggested by Laura Hoyler, 6th grade instructor.

I had such a fantastic time reading the posts and reflecting on this theme. We’ve got writers, librarians, teachers, and students at Smack Dab, so everyone had a different take. I’m so glad Laura got in touch to suggest it! You can view the full month of posts here.

Does your school incorporate themes? I’d love to hear from you and potentially partner with you as well! Hit me up at hollyschindlerbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.