New Release (& New Series!): Ruby’s Story

I wrapped my Ruby’s Place Christmas Collection last year. But it wasn’t long after publishing it that I already missed it.

I started thinking more and more about Ruby herself: How did she come to Sullivan? What’s her backstory? Who is she really? There were just so many questions that hadn’t yet been answered.

All those questions became a book (and a new series)!

Ruby’s Story opens on a Christmas Eve, as Ruby finds herself at the end of her dance career. On a whim, she heads back to her girlhood hometown. Once in Sullivan, Ruby relives her past and the love she lost there. Will memory drive her to make a leap of faith, changing the course of her life, and that of the entire town of Sullivan forever?

Ruby’s Story is a prequel to the Ruby’s Place Christmas Collection, but I’m also planning for this to be the first in a new series: Ruby’s Regulars. Each new installment will focus on another Sullivanite, and how they became one of Ruby’s tried-and-trues. In fact, Ruby’s Story also focuses on Ruby’s very first regular (but you’ll just have to snag yourself a copy to find out who it is).

The book’s available in print and e-form. (Well, it’s available in print via Amazon; I distribute the wide-release print through Ingram, and they’ve already warned that the end of the year’s gonna be a slow one. So paperbacks at B&N etc. are forthcoming; it’ll just take a while to go live.)

In the meantime, I’m so delighted to share this new book–and thrilled to continue on with Ruby’s Place tales!





Play It Again – New Release – Looking for Reviewers

I’m delighted to announce that Play It Again, the sequel to Playing Hurt, has released!

Play It Again is a different story in many ways than Playing Hurt; it’s a forever love story, rather than a steamy summer romance. (Although, there’s a pretty steamy love scene at the end…) It’s available at all the regular outlets: Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo.

As an added bonus, to be sure you’re up to speed for Play It Again, I’ve set Playing Hurt to free on all the same channels: Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo.

Want to buy direct? You can still snag Playing Hurt for free, then receive a 25% off coupon to apply to Play It Again! Head to Payhip to grab your copy of Playing Hurt.

Already familiar with Playing Hurt? Like a review copy of Play It Again? I’m distributing e-review copies now; just shoot a message to hollyschindlerbooks (at) gmail (dot) com. Use Play It Again Review Copy in the subject line, and I’ll be sure to send one your way!