All Kinds ‘a Stuff

I’m hard at work on copyediting the latest book (a mystery!).

I also spent the better part of the last three weeks trying to figure out how to get blood from my little epileptic dog, Gus. He definitely has the obstinate Peke streak; it took four attempts, two happy visits with techs (no medical procedures, just treats and pets), and additional trips to the facility to get him to be more accepting / less stressed. Oh, and extra meds. I swear, the day we finally got the draw, he was on more drugs than a ’70s-era rock star.

I do have some extra goodies, though:

Signed Limited Edition – The Art of the Kiss

The first edition of my Art of the Kiss was an incredibly limited run. Less than 50 copies were printed. I still have a few available, and am selling them (with personal inscriptions) at my Etsy store.

The Full Ruby’s Place Collection – Signed and Personalized

The original four books in the Ruby’s Place series are available in a single lot, also at my Etsy store. All four books also come signed and personalized (with free shipping).

Ruby’s Merch

While you’re at it, check out the run Ruby’s Place merch at my Zazzle store. Everything from sweatshirts to coasters to magnets. Something to enjoy while sinking back into the original Ruby’s Place series.

And now…back to my copyedits!


For those of you who start holiday shopping early (like I do), I wanted to let you all know I’ve got signed editions of several of my books available at my Etsy store.


What have I got in the store, exactly, you wonder?

Children’s Books

Alexander and the Amazing Wide-Awake, How Big Is a Heart?, and Nobody Sang Like Katy Did.

Invent Your Own Superhero and The Adventures of Super Susan come together, as a two-book mini-bundle.

Adult Books

Forever Finley and Miles Left Yet



Holiday Books

Come December, Christmas at Ruby’s, and I Remember You

Head on over to Etsy to snag a copy. Just let me know in the seller’s note when you purchase who you’d like the book made out to. If you have any questions, you can always contact me via Etsy or hollyschindlerbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.